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Submit match result 2021/22

Home team Away team Match date
Singles Score     Score
1 v
2 v
3 v
Doubles Score     Score
4  & v  &
5  & v  &
High breaks Notes
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  1. Select both home and away teams, the player names can then be selected from the drop down lists.
  2. Enter the date of the match by clicking the popup calendar or keying the date in the box provided.
  3. Enter frame scores for each player.  For byes please enter 1 for winning team and 0 for the losing team. If both players are absent please enter 0 for both "Bye" players.
  4. If a registered player's name is not listed please use "Bye" and add a note of the player's correct name.
  5. Enter any high breaks or other notes and select the match result.  If less than 5 frames were played please record the result as "Other" and the actual score in "Notes".
  6. Please enter your email address, which will only be used in case of query.
  7. When you have entered all the information click "Send".  "Clear" will delete all the information you have entered.
  8. If you still have a problem please click here to send an email